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Encouragement and Empowerment!

by Pastor Mike

This has been on my heart for awhile now and when I read the following devotional by Pastor Mike, I decided to go on and write about this subject: ENCOURAGEMENT and EMPOWERMENT. Many years ago, I remember that the custom was “it takes a village to raise a child.” Neighbors helping neighbors. And when it […]

Thank you! – Devotional

by Pastor Mike
thank you

Wow! Great devotional from Tim! So what is it we think about 24/7!?! For most of us, it’s work. I can tell you that for me, it’s usually work. My jobs are quite straining both physically and mentally. I care for the elderly. I used to just work as an administrative assistant. So when I […]

Prayer Week!

by Pastor Mike
church prayer

Next week we will be focusing on prayer. Prayer is a relationship between you and our Father, Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. If you have never done it before, you can start with Psalm 23. It doesn’t really matter which version you read. What matters is that you talk to God. God will listen. Open […]

Word of the Year !

by Pastor Mike

In the beginning of the year the word I chose for myself was GROWTH! Growth in my spirit walk with God. Growth in my learning and understanding of what I hear when God speaks to me. These were my two major areas. I believe that I have accomplished that growth but I have so much […]

Well Done my Child! – Christmas Testimony

by Pastor Mike

Christmas is just a few days away! What is everyone thinking about? Are you thinking what to buy for someone you care about or what you’re going to be receiving? Are you remembering what it is we are celebrating? Christmas isn’t suppose be about OUR presents but God’s presence! How Emmanuel was brought to us and […]

Thanksgiving Thoughts!

by Pastor Mike
thanksgiving pic

With the upcoming holidays fast approaching, many people are stressing over what to buy and who is making dinner and where to have dinner. Should we go to your parents or my parents or have dinner at home or go out to eat? And it’s barely Thanksgiving Day yet but some started buying Christmas presents […]

I have a Testimony!

by Pastor Mike

A special testimony from Crystal: A couple weeks ago I had to have emergency surgery. It was a "freak accident." The doctors that looked at my CT scan (literally scratching their heads and with scrunched up faces) still can't figure out how my intestine got all twisted up and flip-flopped the way it had. In […]