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A Word from Tim Eagan! (November 16, 2017)

by Pastor Mike
preach the word

Preface: Do you ever wonder why God doesn't talk to you? Why He seems to be silent when you need Him the most? Are you looking for a BIG sign from Him, or are you quiet enough before Him to hear even His softest whisper? Are you “tuned in” to the frequency He is broadcasting […]

A Word from Pastor Mike! (May 31 st)

by Pastor Mike
psalm 91 4

May 31, 2014   Newsletter Devotional A Word from Pastor Mike: This Sunday, we will continue the sermon series: FINAL LAST WORDS.  Our focus will be looking at the three men on the Crosses and others that were there and said THEIR LAST WORDS at THE CROSS: the people, the rulers, the soldiers, the the two […]