With the upcoming holidays fast approaching, many people are stressing over what to buy and who is making dinner and where to have dinner. Should we go to your parents or my parents or have dinner at home or go out to eat? And it’s barely Thanksgiving Day yet but some started buying Christmas presents in June! Yet they seem to stress because there are only 39 days left until Christmas! With so many decisions to make, people often sometimes forget what the holidays are really all about. Thankfulness! Thanks for the people in our lives to celebrate these days with. Thankful for the homes we live in and the food on our tables and the air we breathe. I, for one, am even more thankful this year. God has brought so many new people into my life this year who have really made a great impact on my life. God has put more love into my life this year! I have a new church family that really support me. I even gained a son-in-law last month!

This passed weekend, my new son-in-law, John, contacted me. His plan was to surprise my daughter, Julia, with a visit from me. With all of our work schedules (both Julia and I work two jobs each) we don’t get to see each other much at all. Thankfully, this week I had last night off and was able to take the trip to Raleigh. It was a great night! We didn’t do any fancy, out to eat dinner. We enjoyed the night at their new quaint apartment. John cooked us steaks and homemade mashed potatoes and butter beans. Julia baked up some homemade biscuits. All the food was wonderful but the best part was just being able to spend the time with my daughter and her new husband of under three weeks.
This Sunday after church service, we will be having a special Friend Day Luncheon. We will be having Turkey (made by Tim) and lasagna (made by yours truly). Melissa, of course, will be making her scrumptious mashed potatoes. And many others will be making and bringing in the fixings to go along with the main dishes. It will be a time of celebrating with our friends and family and being THANKFUL for all the blessings God has given us this year. We invite you to come be a part of this day and tell us — and God — what you are thankful for this year.

Let’s enjoy our current holiday of Thanksgiving and enjoy each day in the moment! Christmas will make its way when it is time. But remember, it’s not about the presents. It’s about the people we share these moments with and the miracle birth of Jesus Christ our LORD and Savour.

~Crystal Gardner, Admin